What we make.
We are a full service PR partner to companies with an entrepreneurial spirit that have an interesting story to tell. We go beyond traditional PR – providing marketing, communications and branding counsel. Our focus on passion projects means we are gatekeepers for the inner circle of people that you need to reach – they know there is a bar when it comes to the companies we work with and take us more seriously for it.
What we are made of.
People do their best work when they have a personal passion for what they do. Somewhere along the way, PR lost its focus and got a bad rep – and for good reason, too many people are peddling crap they don’t even like and selling the same old services to anyone with budget. You wouldn’t hire a developer who didn’t want to build something great – why would you hire storytellers who aren’t passionate about telling your story? It’s time for a change – time to reach your inner circle.