On Tuesday, ICL braved the rain and 101 traffic to attend XConomy’s Beyond Mobile: Computing in 2021 event at SRI in Menlo Park. Was it worth the trek? Yes! Not only did we hear mobile predictions from SRI, Microsoft and Calit22, we also saw our favorite robot, Anybots, grace the stage with their “tele-presence”. So will we see a Windows Phone 15 in the near future? We shall see…in the meantime, we leave you with some takeaways from the program:

  • Unfortunately, most advancements don’t get picked up due to cultural reasons, not because of technical limitations
  • Over time, the questions we ask don’t change, just the answers do
  • Reason is overvalued by the minds of the tech space. The majority of the population is not up to speed with what we find to be easy and reasonable

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