The Inner Circle Labs crew is all about passion – and nothing gets us excited more than hanging out with smart people and having interesting conversations. This was the genesis of a daylong conference we recently put together called Glimpse: The Social Discovery Conference. Hanging out with some of the smarts minds in the space – from Greg Tseng at Tagged and Mark Johnson at Zite to Dan Teree at Ticketfly and Doug MacMillan at Bloomberg – we started to feel guilty that others weren’t privy to the killer conversations we saw unfolding. And so, Glimpse was born.

From concept to execution, we spent four months making it happen. Coming from the deadline-driven world of PR, we thought four months was plenty of time. Our friends at Kennedy Events, who helped make Glimpse happen, had more experience in such things but refrained from laughing in our faces when we told them the plan. And, in the end, our excitement and drive won out and Glimpse was more successful than we could have imagined.

Some things we learned:

  • The best parts of planning a conference: seeing it all come together, working with such an amazing group of entrepreneurs, CEOs and tech community members, watching the reaction from major players and media in the space as the conference gained momentum (their excitement fueled our fire), seeing the speaker submissions (some of you really get it)
  • The worst parts: the volatility that is inherent in dealing with 300+ people, the daily fire drills that happen no matter how locked down the plan is, last minute speaker changes/scheduling issues, feeling like there was never enough time in the day to think of everything (thank you for saving our sanity, Kennedy Events), seeing the speaker submissions (some of you really don’t)
  • Things we’ll remember for next time: get cell phone numbers and backup contacts for all speakers, even if a hotel says the wifi can handle more than your headcount dedicated wifi from a third party is critical
  • Our favorite gift bag items: the Tagged-sponsored Rickshaw Bag (the the far-and-away winner with three votes), the Waze Car Dock, the Ticketfly earplugs, the Schemer Android figurine
  • Favorite moments: the final Friday night planning session where we watched the ticket sales ticker and popped a bottle of bubbly when we hit our goal, Mike Isaac from All Things D commenting on stage that the creepiest thing about social media is when someone approaches you as if they know you even though you’ve never met (when just hours earlier the onsite Glimpse speaker coordinator did just that), jumping behind the bar at the cocktail hour to pop and pour bubbly to help the bartender manage a long line

With Glimpse behind us, we’ve popped some bubbly to celebrate, taken some long naps and now, we can’t wait to do it all again. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen – from moderators, speakers and sponsors to the folks who attended. It was a blast and we couldn’t have done it, and had so damn much fun in the process, without you. If you want to check out some of the best photos from the day, go to the Glimpse Conference Flickr page here.