“I’ve known Julie Crabill for nearly a decade and have worked with Inner Circle Labs since 2010. They led my first company, Zite, through five launches and two acquisitions – and now their surgical PR prowess is helping my new venture, Descartes Labs, tackle the science of forecasting. Their creative storytelling and strategic coverage has led to new investments, customers and speaking opps, and even moved the corn market by 3% in 2015.”

Mark Johnson, co-founder & CEO, Descartes Labs


  • Take Descartes Labs from a fresh, chock-full of potential startup, to an industry leader in machine intelligence and satellite analysis.
  • Position Descartes Labs as a pioneer in using satellite imagery to model complex systems on the planet, like forestry and agriculture, while also educating business and tech media about the implications this emerging technology could have on various industries.
  • Tell the Descartes Labs story and validate the business without customers or product demos to give media.


  • Develop a surgical launch plan that would roll out in phases.
  • Introduce Descartes Labs to the world via a deep-dive story with a publication known for covering innovation and disruption.
  • Proactively reinforce the value prop of the company’s technology with specific angles/data to keep media engaged in the evolving story beyond the news.


  • Launch big: Placed in-depth, feature in Fast Company that highlighted the team’s scientific expertise and paved the way for the Descartes Labs narrative.
  • Authenticate the tech: After launch we set out to validate the technology itself, securing a feature piece in TechCrunch and collaborating with Google’s PR team to showcase how Descartes Labs processed over a petabyte of satellite imagery using Google’s cloud platform.
  • Conquer ag: To showcase Descartes Labs’ first application of technology in agriculture, secured an exclusive, first-look at our corn crop data with Bloomberg’s commodity reporter.
  • Validate the Company: Exclusive approach with Descartes Labs’ Series A announcement to show market validation and the larger business implications of the technology, locking in an exclusive in the Wall Street Journal that gave us ammo for major follow-on pieces with Fortune, MIT Technology Review and VentureBeat.
  • Beat the drum: Continued Descartes Labs momentum through briefings with reporters that focused on topics beyond business news and agriculture, like the potential of machine intelligence and satellite analysis to monitor the myriad complex systems on the planet which led to feature coverage in outlets including The Atlantic, Quartz, Fortune and The Verge.


  • Investor interest: Inbounds rolled in immediately on the heels of the Fast Company launch piece, leading to meetings with Alsop-Louie, Goldman Sachs and other key investors. 
  • Market attention: Placement of Descartes Lab’s corn yield numbers in Bloomberg caught the attention of investors and traders – and moved the corn market 3%.
  • Attention from NASA: Descartes’ CEO was invited to visit NASA headquarters in Florida to watch the launch of SpaceX and discuss the future of satellite imagery and analysis with industry leaders.
  • Partnerships & customers: Media coverage helped cultivate partnerships with Google’s Cloud Platform and drove future customers into the Descartes Labs sales funnel.