Since entering the working world, and re-entering Inner Circle Labs as a full-time associate, I often get asked by my friends and family, “What is your typical day like?”

I have struggled to answer them because there is no such thing as a “typical” day at ICLabs – or in PR for that matter. I have never been the type of the girl who can sit at a desk doing the same thing every single day, so I love that with PR, and specifically with ICLabs, every day is a new adventure. I use the word ‘adventure’ because even if I have an idea of what I need to do when I get to the office that day, there are always things happening at the spur of the moment and we just have to roll with it. I think that makes work really engaging, fresh, and exciting. However, for those of you that are curious what a “typical” day looks like for a PR professional, I’ll try my best to describe it:

When I first get to work…

First thing in the morning, I walk in still waking up as I inhale my Philz coffee and see our VP, Mallory, bright-eyed and chipper because she already finished her workout for the day and looks AMAZING (per usual)…what better way to start your day, am I right? Then I sit down at my desk and hold my breath as I start up my email *insert deep exhale when it’s less than 20 emails*. Then work commences with client meetings, tracking for coverage, pitching reporters, flagging upcoming events and awards, building out media lists, and our CEO, Julie, cracking around 10+ jokes from her office.

By late morning the first call for food is made in our HipChat room. Yes, we have a room dedicated to talking about food. Yes, this is why I love my job. Discussion ensues about where we will eat, who brought food and is staying behind, and who will pick up lunch for Miya, a star manager, because she never leaves her desk (I admire her fearsome work discipline).

At the halfway point…

At noon, the food brigade departs to soak up some much-needed vitamin D, if there is any because it’s San Francisco. Then we return to the office for the afternoon hustle of crafting content, working on an exec strategy platforms, and market research. The only difference from the morning is that Andi, one of our associates, has migrated to the front lobby to work. Can’t blame her for loving sunlight 😉

Crossing the finish line…

Now this doesn’t happen every day, but, occasionally in the late afternoon/end of day we will have some team initiative, whether it’s learning how to network, celebrating someone’s birthday or anniversary, or watercolor painting to unwind after a stressful week. Champagne will (sometimes) be popped and everyone gathers around to laugh and joke with one another. One of my favorite things about ICLabs is how much fun we all have. It doesn’t matter how busy we’ve been that day, we never get sick of hanging out and having fun together! After that glass (or two) of bubbly, everyone wraps up for the day and heads home.

Obviously, that was not comprehensive at all, but it gives a small glimpse into what we do day-to-day. My favorite thing about coming to work each day at ICLabs, and what cemented my decision to come back full-time, is the company culture. I have seen firsthand from my older sister how rare it is to find a company with a happy, supportive work culture. I am actually excited to go to work every day, which is pretty hard to find at a job right out of college. Not only do I love the work that ICLabs does, but I love the people that work here. We really believe in work-life balance, we always celebrate team wins by ringing a bell, we cheers to individual milestones, or pop some bubbly on Friday afternoon just because. Even though no two days are the same, we “work hard, play hard” because we seriously hustle for our clients, but we also know how to have fun. 🙂