In the past 10 years, there’s been a dramatic shift in the way Silicon Valley views PR. It’s gone from a luxury reserved for established companies to a necessity key to every startup’s success – and it’s being encouraged more by every VC from SF to Sandhill Road. And it’s evolved this way for a reason – if you’re a new or growing company with the right set of criteria, PR can be the difference between flaming out and getting acquired, crashing and burning (cough cough, Bodega) or popping post-IPO. And although the potential for success is huge, there are fundamentals that must be delivered by you, dear client, in order for things to work out.

First and foremost, client relationships are a two-way street. We’re experts, and when aligned with your business goals we can do magic for you, but it really does take two to tango. So if you’re really serious about engaging PR, and are ready to hire a company that hustles as an extension of your team, take a peek at the below and see how you measure up.

Are you…

  • Flexible – willing and able to move your schedule around if we need to for a hot media opp. The same goes for product launches and news based on media interest/needs – open to discussion around shifting dates or activities based on what makes the most sense for your business from a PR standpoint so we can maximize the best return.
  • Reachable – open to multiple forms of communication (beyond just email) and reachable in times of need, whether it’s around a fire drill or a hot media opp. The best partners are responsive to communication without needing to be chased or pinged multiple times, and are down to be in touch even when slammed/traveling/heads down.
  • Transparent – honest about results and how you felt an initiative/story went, honest with feedback from yourself or the team, honest about what you can and can’t do/read/take on, honest about the state of the business and challenges/successes. Good partners also grant access to calendars so we don’t have to ping you every time we need to schedule something. Trust us, it makes your life easier.
  • Collaborative – open to discussions and brainstorms. We are not a vendor, we are an extension of your team and a sounding board that’s here to listen to you vent, brainstorm or share that brilliant (or wine-induced) idea. Our best partners loop us in on conversations for advice or counsel before a decision is set and willing to get on the phone or meet live to hammer important plans out together.
  • Delivers – gets us what we need in a timely fashion or connects us with the folks who can best help us. A solid partner delivers on what you say you can do in a realistic timeframe.
  • Respectful – understanding of our time and needs. In PR, we sell relationships and time. A solid understanding of how hours and contracts work is key and will help use our time to maximize results for you. And hey, we’re human – we love a client that is encouraging and appreciative of good work, kind and thorough in conversations with the team, and willing to work with every level (not just the most senior members).

If you can check off four or more of the above, you’re ready for PR. In fact, hit us up now – this could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.