In our next media Q&A, we get to better understand which traditional PR tactics can truly help a reporter out. In this post, we hear from Beth Wischnia, the beauty editor for Brit+Co, a former PR person, and someone you should get to know.

Q: Tell us about a time a PR person has blown you away (in a good way).

There is a small agency in NYC I work with frequently that always blows me away. I’ve developed relationships with their publicists, so I can really count on them to only send me very relevant, timely pitches — and when we’re working on a story, they always deliver. They respond quickly (and at all hours, bless their hearts), are very dependable, and really take the time to anticipate my needs as a writer — like proactively including hi-res images with pitches, using bullet points in their emails so I can quickly scan, sending me legit experts, etc.

Q: How important are PR events for brands?

Very. Events are a great way to bring a brand to life and to have consumers experience a product or service firsthand. Being able to interact with founders and brand execs is an added bonus. I try to go to as many relevant, worthwhile events I can so I can establish (and maintain) relationships with brands that are important to me and the readers I write for. That said, it’s important to not waste your time going to everything you get invited to — it will get exhausting!

Q: What’s the best way for a new PR person to build a relationship with a reporter like you?

Sending me a thoughtful, relevant pitch is a great start. From there, understanding the content I create — beyond traditional editorial —  and tailoring future pitches to reflect that will make me really appreciate and prioritize a PR person if I see his or her name pop up in my inbox. Also, experts are e v e r y t h i n g. Sending me a constantly updated list of the experts you work with (and including topics they can speak to) is invaluable to me!

Q: Phone pitches – yes or no? If yes, how can someone grab your attention in the first few seconds??

Noooo. I used to have my phone number in my email signature but removed it for this reason! I find it incredibly distracting and unnecessary. It’s really unlikely that what I am working on at the exact moment you call is related to what you are calling about, so to me, it’s the most ineffective way to get my attention. A Tweet would be a much better way to get on my radar quickly.