For years, the name of the game in marketing was to reach everyone – build a big brand and blanket the world with your story. Now, the key is to find the core audience that will care about what you bring to the market, talk with them about what they want and grow into the kind of brand they not only love but will tell their friends about. These people are your inner circle – and while knowing them is crucial no matter your size, it is especially critical to startups working with limited resources.

You may ask – why Labs? We purposely avoided “PR,” “marketing,” “communications” because we see too many issues in both market understanding and business execution across those areas. The idea of a lab spoke to us – a place where knowledge and understanding is brought to the table all while experimentation and a desire to discover “what’s next” keeps the wheels spinning. So, Inner Circle Labs was born in January 2010 – founded by Julie Crabill and Jonathan Neri.

We have a diverse team with an array of passions and experiences. The team has worked with all types of companies and industries. Our core strength centers on consumer/lifestyle technology but we have broader expertise that may surprise you – including cocktail recommendations and conference creation.