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ST: When did you decide to become an entrepreneur? Did you remember any incident which motivated you to become entrepreneur in PR & Communications business?

Julie Crabill: I had dreamt of starting my own business ever since I got into PR. That desire to understand the business behind the business drove me to ask more questions than were maybe expected of someone at my level. Luckily, I had great mentors who not only allowed it but embraced my desire to learn more. And, that curiosity plus hard work led me into management roles at various PR agencies over my decade long career working for other people. But as I continued to move up in the ranks, the idea of starting my own agency became less of a focus. I guess I saw how hard and thankless it really was and became complacent because I was in an agency that allowed me to grow and essentially run my own practice. It wasn’t until I came back from a long trip and found that the executive team had completely changed my role that I realized I needed a change. Despite my seniority within the agency, I didn’t have as much authority as I thought I did around how the business was run and ultimately my fate, and that of my team’s, was in someone else hands. I’m grateful now because that experience forced my hand. It pushed me to think back to my original dream of starting my own company and then step outside of my comfort zone and go out on my own.
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