Our Swanky Lobby

We do what we love.

We are a full service partner that provides PR, marketing, communications and branding counsel to companies with an entrepreneurial spirit and an interesting story to tell. We go beyond traditional PR to ensure real business results whether the execution happens to be getting in front of the right media, trying to meet the right VCs or wowing your board. We’ve done everything from securing exclusives and planning events to driving product roadmaps and advising on pre-launch product development. We don’t specialize in any one industry but seem to gravitate toward mobile lifestyle, consumer electronics, fashion, music, robotics, geek tech, social, travel and food and beverage. Ultimately, a similar theme runs through all the companies we work with – they are nimble, aggressive, disruptive and full of interesting storytellers (and stories). To be a bit more specific…

Strategic Planning and Services: Inner Circle Labs puts the R&D back into PR. We thrive on delivering strategic plans and advice, proven methods and innovative ideas around wholly new efforts all designed to drive brand and business objectives. In every partnership, it is critical to work together closely to set goals – and then deliver on them – all the while giving counsel and bobbing and weaving with the evolving needs of the business. If we believe in your vision and partner up, we’ll do all that we can to ensure you are successful.

Delivering creative and innovative ideas and solutions: At Inner Circle Labs, creativity is our currency. We are rich in ideas and pride ourselves on delivering the types of marketing programs that make people stop, listen and want to know more. Born from a “lab” mentality, our team brings knowledge and understanding to the table along with a strong desire to experiment and discover “what’s next.” We know the types of ideas that resonate are the ones that push beyond the status quo. We don’t hold back; we offer a wide range of creative marketing solutions so our partners can execute according to their budget and brand priorities.

Media Relations: The Inner Circle Labs team has strong relationships across the media spectrum – everyone from top-tier business press and glossy magazine writers to trade media and bloggers. Every member of the team makes it their mission to get to know media on a personal level – and to act as a resource even when it is not in service of an immediate need. As a gatekeeper for media, we ensure that they trust us as advisors on what’s hot. Our focus is to only work with the most interesting and exciting companies – and only take on partners that make us all jump up and cheer with excitement. It may seem counterintuitive for a growing business to be this picky, but it means that media know that when we call, we have something interesting to say.

Is Inner Circle Labs right for you? We are if you:

    • Want counsel, not just tactics
    • Are candid and direct about your business
    • Are nimble, aggressive, hungry and disruptive
    • Have interesting stories to tell the world
    • Have a product roadmap
    • Are able to spend between $8k & $30k a month

If yes, then contact us and let’s chat!