By Selin Ashaboglu

John Goodenough, a 94-year-old professor at the University of Texas at Austin and inventor of the lithium-ion battery, is still going and going, contributing to yet another breakthrough in the field of battery technology. Goodenough with Maria Helena Braga, a senior research fellow at the university’s Cockrell School of Engineering and her team have invented a solid-state battery that uses glass electrolytes instead of liquid matter link in lithium-ion batteries. This alternative is not only more cost-effective and capable of storing three times more energy than a lithium-ion battery, but also eliminates the lithium dendrites that can cause short circuiting and spontaneous combustion in electronics. The new battery is suitable for energy storage and electric cars.

New Mexico startup Descartes Labs has come up with a platform called GeoVisual Search, with which users can find similar satellite imagery of areas or objects from around the world by comparison. The search engine divides public aerial images into smaller tiles, comparing each square for similarities of what has been searched, and providing results accordingly.

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