There’s always been a constant rivalry between PR people and journalists. PR people (aka the flacks) haven’t had the best reputation with journalists (the “hacks”) – and sometimes the feeling is mutual. Yet both need each other in order to succeed. So, we decided to engage this age old rivalry head on.

On Thursday September 24, we brought together some of San Francisco’s coolest journalists and hottest PR people to battle it out over old-school games. Everything from carnival games like Skeeball and Whack-A-Mole to board games like Hungry Hungry Hippo, Memory and Connect 4. We even got our Nintendo 64 on with Mario Kart and Tetris. Add pizza, bourbon, bubbly, It’s-It and a photobooth and you can imagine how things went down.


Ultimately, after a grueling battle, the flacks took home the trophy (yes, an actual, huge trophy). The hacks will have a chance to regain supremacy next year when we meet again – perhaps over Dance Dance Revolution? But until next year, we reign victorious.